Mockingbird Meaning in Hindi

What is the translation of word Mockingbird in Hindi?

Meaning of  Mockingbird in Hindi is : मॉकिंग पक्षी

Definition of word Mockingbird

  • a long-tailed thrushlike songbird with grayish plumage, found mainly in tropical America and noted for its mimicry of the calls and songs of other birds.

Other Meanings of Mockingbird

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    मॉकिंग पक्षी mocking-bird
    अमरीका की एक गाने वाली चिडिया जो दुसरे पक्षियों की नकल उतारती है mocking-bird

Example Sentences

Francis gives a similar explanation for the exceptional mimicry of mockingbirds , suggesting that mimicry itself was not favored by natural selection.