Shank Meaning in Hindi

What is the translation of word Shank in Hindi?

Meaning of Shank in Hindi is : टांग

Defenition of word Shank

  • a person's leg, especially the part from the knee to the ankle.
  • the shaft or stem of a tool or implement, in particular.
  • a part or appendage by which something is attached to something else, especially a wire loop attached to the back of a button.
  • the narrow middle of the sole of a shoe.

Other Meanings of Shank

  • NOUN

    पिंडली shin calf shank calfskin
    पैर foot leg pestle shank pins peg
    टांग leg shank foot peg
    पाँव shank
    औज़ार की मूठ shank
    पक्षी के पर का खड़ा भाग shank
    फूल के डंठल का निचला भाग shank
    जूते के तल्ले का मध्य भाग shank
  • MORE

    टांग का घुटने से पांव तक का भाग shank
    पिंडुली shank
    हथियार का डंडा shank

Example Sentences

the old man's thin, bony shanks showed through his trousers