Let Meaning in Hindi

What is the translation of word Let in Hindi?

Meaning of  Let in Hindi is : चलो

Definition of word Let

  • (in racket sports) a play that is nullified and has to be played again, especially when a served ball touches the top of the net.
  • not prevent or forbid; allow.
  • used in the imperative to formulate various expressions.
  • allow someone to have the use of (a room or property) in return for regular payments; rent.

Other Meanings of Let

  • NOUN

    छुट्टी देना let dismissal
    आज्ञा देना let
    होने देना let
    अनुमति देना let
    किराए पर देना let
    पट्टे पर देना let tenancy
  • VERB

    अनुमति देना allow let permit assent make free
    आज्ञा देना let enjoin order ordain license send an order
    पट्टे पर देना lease let rent
    किराए पर देना let lend
    होने देना let tolerate
    छुट्टी देना let
  • MORE

    किराये पर देना lend let

Antonyms for Let

Example Sentences

In a first game that lasted nearly 30 minutes, she maintained her composure through a series of lets , strokes, and no lets.