Novitiate Meaning in Hindi

What is the translation of word Novitiate in Hindi?

Meaning of  Novitiate in Hindi is : नवदीक्षित

Definition of word Novitiate

  • the period or state of being a novice, especially in a religious order.

Other Meanings of Novitiate

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    शिक्षार्थी apprentice novitiate seminarist trainee
    नवदीक्षित अथवा नौसिखुआ व्‍यक्ति के आचरण आदि की परीक्षा या उम्‍मीदवारी काल का novitiate
    नवदीक्षित व्‍यक्ति novitiate
    अनभ्यस्त unpractised novitiate

Example Sentences

Even in the golden days of my novitiate , such places were few and far between.