Radio Meaning in Hindi

What is the translation of word Radio in Hindi?

Meaning of  Radio in Hindi is : रेडियो

Definition of word Radio

  • the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves of radio frequency, especially those carrying sound messages.
  • communicate or send a message by radio.
  • denoting radio waves or broadcasting.
  • connected with rays, radiation, or radioactivity.

Other Meanings of Radio

  • NOUN

    रेडियो radio
    वायरलेस radio
    बिना तार का यंत्र radio
    रेडियो-संबंधी अर्थ का उपसर्ग radio
  • VERB

    आकाशवाणी द्वारा प्रसारित करना radiocast radio
    बिना तार का भेजना radio radiocast
    बिना तार का समाचार भेजना radio radiocast
    रेडियो-समाचार भेजना radio radiocast
  • MORE

    आकाशवाणी radio all india radio apocalypse radio station
    रेडियो विज्ञापन radio
    रेडियो अभिभाषण radio

Example Sentences

cellular phones are linked by radio rather than wires