English To Hindi Typing

Type in Hindi :

Hindi typing online tool provides a easy manner to type in Hindi even if your don't have a Hindi Typing keyboard. This tool uses hindi Translitration technology to convert typed in content to corresponding devnagri script.

To type in Hindi you simplly need to start typing in Hindi using your keyboard. For example, if you type something like :

Ram aam khata hai
this tool will automatically convert corresponsind text to
राम आम खाता है
After you complete typing you can copy Hindi text content to any of the documents of can use it in email or share it to socia media after copy and pasting it.

About Hindi Language

Hindi is the most spoken language in the world after Chinese language. About 500 million people in India and abroad speak Hindi and the total number of people who understand this language is about 90 crore. Hindi language has its origins in ancient Sanskrit language. This language has acquired its present form after many centuries and a large number of dialectal variations still exist. The Hindi script is Devanagari, which is combined for many other Indian languages. Most of the words in Hindi are from Sanskrit. Its grammar also has similarity with Sanskrit language. "Hindi" is the national (national) language of India.