Coo Meaning in Hindi

What is the translation of word Coo in Hindi?

Meaning of  Coo in Hindi is : कूजना

Definition of word Coo

  • a soft murmuring sound made by a dove or pigeon.
  • (of a pigeon or dove) make a soft murmuring sound.
  • used to express surprise.
  • chief operating (or operations) officer.

Other Meanings of Coo

  • VERB

    कूजना coo sing
  • NOUN

    कूजन chirp coo
  • MORE

    दुलार करना canoodle coo cosher cocker
    कूं कूं करना coo
    गुटर्गूं करना coo
    गुटकना coo
    लाड प्यार करना coo

Example Sentences

Deer run here, but nature was subdued - the soft coo of a pigeon, the tracks of a rabbit, the thinnest of the branches bent low and coated thick.