Diarist Meaning in Hindi

What is the translation of word Diarist in Hindi?

Meaning of  Diarist in Hindi is : रोज़नामचा रखनेवाला

Definition of word Diarist

  • a person who writes a diary.

Other Meanings of Diarist

  • NOUN

    रोज़नामचा रखनेवाला diarist diary keeper
    रोज़नामचे में लिखनेवाला diary keeper diarist
    दिनपत्रिका में लिखनेवाला diary keeper diarist
  • MORE

    डायरी लिखने वाला diarist
    डायरी लेखक diarist
    दैनिकी लेखक diarist
    दैनिकी लिखने वाला diarist
    दैनंदिनी लिखने वाला diarist

Example Sentences

He looks through the eyes of Roman historians, diarists like Samuel Pepys, and novelists like Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte and Virginia Woolf.