Gelding Meaning in Hindi

What is the translation of word Gelding in Hindi?

Meaning of  Gelding in Hindi is : बधियाकरण

Definition of word Gelding

  • a castrated animal, especially a male horse.
  • castrate (a male animal).

Other Meanings of Gelding

  • NOUN

    बधियाकरण gelding
    आख्ता gelding
    नपुंसककरण gelding
    आख्ता किय हुआ पशु gelding
  • MORE

    बधिया घोड़ा gelding
    खस्सी घोड़ा अथवा कोई अन्य पशु gelding

Example Sentences

A larger space is needed between stallions and other pastures used by geldings and other horses.