Scoop Meaning in Hindi

What is the translation of word Scoop in Hindi?

Meaning of Scoop in Hindi is : स्कूप

Defenition of word Scoop

  • a utensil resembling a spoon, with a long handle and a deep bowl, used for removing powdered, granulated, or semisolid substances (such as ice cream) from a container.
  • a piece of news published by a newspaper or broadcast by a television or radio station in advance of its rivals.
  • pick up and move (something) with a scoop.
  • publish a news story before (a rival reporter, newspaper, or radio or television station).

Other Meanings of Scoop

Example Sentences

An alterative method is to record the number of feed containers (weigh scoops , coffee cans, etc.) used to feed the sows over a period of several days and determine the average amount consumed per day.