Taxi Meaning in Hindi

What is the translation of word Taxi in Hindi?

Meaning of  Taxi in Hindi is : टैक्सी

Definition of word Taxi

  • a boat or other means of transportation used to convey passengers in return for payment of a fare.
  • (of an aircraft) move slowly along the ground before takeoff or after landing.
  • take a taxi as a means of transport.

Other Meanings of Taxi

  • MORE

    टैक्सी taxi cab
    किराये पर चलने वाली मोटर गाडी taxi
  • NOUN

    टेक्सी taxicab taxi cab

Example Sentences

Even if you don't fancy the idea of living in a rock house without windows just a few feet from the ocean, Moonhole is well worth a visit either by dinghy or taxi .